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Since 2002, Reinol NZ has had the Sole Agency for the best range of the internationally-renown Reinol Hand Cleaner and Skin Care products in New Zealand.

  • Reinol was first produced in 1927

  • Well-represented worldwide including the US, Canada, UK, Africa, Australia and throughout New Zealand

  • National customers enjoy the benefits of one of the world's finest hand cleaners and hand creams.

  • Our lead product is the world-famous Reinol Original Hand Cleaner, made with only natural ingredients. This product can help combat skin dryness, cracking and even dermatitis. See TESTIMONIALS for first hand reports.


  • In the Trade, your hands are the most valuable tool, and need to be cared for at all costs.

  • The Dermal layers of your skin absorb almost everything that comes into contact with it.

  • In the Trade people handle hazardous substances daily, after which they reach for a Solvent, Citric Acid, or D-limonene-based Hand Cleaner.

  • This can continue the onslaught on the skin, causing the damage to worsen. Click here for more information on the long term effects on your skin.

  • Reinol Hand Cleaner is an all-natural alternative with 16 natural oils and biodegradable ingredients

  • Reinol cleanses and disinfects your hands, in addition to conditioning and protecting your skin.

  • Alongside the Reinol Hand Cleaners is our Skin Care Creams including:

    Two Barrier Creams - protecting against solvents, alkalis and dye stuffs.

    A general Skin Care Cream - providing conditioning and softening agents for general all over skin health.

    A Foot Cream - Helps to combat athletes foot, dryness, cracking of the ball and heels of your feet as well as flakiness between your toes. 

  • Hence, Reinol is not just a Hand Cleaner, but a whole Skin Care programme!



All Natural

All Natural ingredients,
friendly to YOU
and the Environment


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