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 Please note ....these are direct quotes from REINOL hand cleaner customers. Given with permission to publish their comments.  

Trevor, Innoflo Waste Water Specialists: "We Like the hand cleaner all right. It's very good. I think its a great product. Best I've ever used, Also the dspenser is fantastic!" 

Victor Buckle, Five Electrical Ltd: "I've used allsorts and cannot rate it highly enough!" 

Alan Wyndham, Aluminium Technology: "Reinol is brilliant stuff, the best I've seen yet. We use Silicon adhesive - Mastick and Reinol washes it off easily. Normally you would use a solvent but this stuff just gets it off."

John, Elite Truck Specialists: "You don't need much..."Flipping" brilliant!!!"

Rama, Elite Truck specialists: "It's awesome, Sh.... I love that stuff!!"

Jamie Hare, Retco AFLogistics: "I've been in transport for 16 years and have never seen anything that cleans your hands as well as this stuff."

Greg Daniel, KB Print: "I've used it. It's the Best! Genuinely, it is!!"

Craig Hill, Birkenhead, AKL: "I first tried Reinol at a wrecker in Takanini. I was so impressed that I asked for the Reinol Details. I could have bought any hand cleaner from the local, but once you've used this stuff, you don't stop because it works."

Mark, North Harbour Signs: (Mark holding up his hands) - "I look like a new man".

Hugh Field, IMPI Injection Moulded Plastics Industries Ltd - Silverdale: "It's the best product I've ever used in 48yrs - we won't use anything else"

Ben Goebel, Bridgestone Glenfield: "It's a good product, still the best sruff I've  ever used and I've used a lot of different hand cleaners over the last 15 years. Products normally work for a while then the cracking would start again, but with Reinol after a long time my hands are still great. I'll never use anything else."

Dennis & Ray, Formware: "Sometimes I get my hands filthy. I found it actually cleaned under my fingernails. I've never seen that before. The guys love it, printers love it".

Adrian Armstrong, Polish Shop Manager, Central Joinery Ltd: "Works great,  no more cracks!" 

Dave Boss: "It's one of the best I've seen yet. Use such a small amount. It gets clean, yeah! pretty good". 

Raymond, Hirepool Manukau: "That stuff is awesome man? It doesn't dry your hands at all and it cleans better. Helova lot better". 

BOB JARDEN: "I've been in the trade for 40 years, it's the best stuff I've ever used. I'm moving down to Christ Church and taking a tub with me!"

CHASE | HUNTLY: "It's awesome stuff. It even removed my nicotine stains."

BRENT | BEAUREPAIRS AVONDALE: "Best Ever, Anytime I use anything else, my hands start cracking up."

CRELLIN MERCER | MERTECH ENGINEERING | HENDERSON: "I was using the stuff in the bucket once a day and still got Dermitites. Now I use REINOL often and the Dermatites is gone. We ran out and I stopped using REINOL, my Dermatites came back within 3 days. Good product - No doubt about it! We have customers come in and they can't believe how nice their hands feel afterwards".

JOSHUA STODDART | FIRESTONE | BEACHHAVEN: "It's good, it's b.......... good, my hands haven't been this clean in years!"

JACO | VISION AUTO SERVICE | AVONDALE: "It's excellent, it gets off all the grim and Grime."

RYAN LUSTY | DRAIN TECH: "It's the best stuff I've ever used!"

DANIEL RUSSELL | AUCKLAND SUBARU SPECIALISTS: "Very, very good, ......... amazing! Best hand wash I've ever used. My hands are the cleanest they've ever been!"

BILL | MERTECH ENGINEERING: "It's b........... magic. My skin has never been so clean. My skin is soft for an engineer and you don't use much. All the boys like it eh!"

BRAD PRENTICE | PRECISION AUTOS | GLENFIELD: "You can use it 10 times a day and your hands are still soft at the end of the day!"

JESSIE | VISION AUTO SALES: "This stuff is....Ah!.. brilliant....Yeah, we've tried allsorts here and that is best by far, Very very good!"

JD HADAD | CAB DRIVER: "Man this stuff is unbelievable!! I have never seen my hands come so clean after being so dirty". (Sniffing his hands, and rubbing his face) it's fantastic!!

PAUL DAWSON | METPRESCO ENGINEERING LTD: "S... it's bloomn' amazing. I'll never go to anything else. It's too good."

JOHN PAUL / AUCKLAND TRUCK PARTS: "There's nothing that comes close to it. I go home with clean hands now."  



All Natural

All Natural ingredients,
friendly to YOU
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