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We offer a special 7-Day Obligation-Free Trial of our unique Reinol Original Hand Cleaner to all our potential Customers. Click here to find out more!



Feel the Difference





We have two scenarios regarding our obligation free trial.


We offer an obligation-free trial to all our prospective customers. Simply put - One of our agents or reps will approach your company and offer you the use of our hand cleaner in the dispenser for one week.


  1. A dispenser will be mounted in your wash bay area and your staff will get to experience the effects of Reinol Hand cleaner.

  2.  Your staff should comment on how well it cleans and they may note the smooth after feel which is unique to our product.

  3. The second benefit to the trial is that we will be able to ascertain how much has been used during the trial week and you'll be able to calculate how much Reinol your company would use per week/month and annually. 

  4. This will enable you to accurately compare costs with your existing product and realise potential savings. Most places enjoy a 30-50% savings compared to their existing product.


We offer an obligation-free trial to prospective customers who have heard about REINOL HAND CLEANER and would like to give it a go, but may be geographically too far away for one of our agents to come in and mount a dispenser in your wash bay.

  • If this is the case, we offer a two week trial. In effect we send you the product with a proforma invoice which is only payable if you decide to keep the product. 

  • If you do not wish to continue with our product after the 2 weeks, simply courier the dispenser and remaining product back to our office.


If you would like a trial, please CONTACT US:

TOLL FREE: 0800 REINOL (0800 734 665) 
Fax: 09 421 0612 




Here are the options for providing skin care products:

  1. Individual packs.

  2. Bulk 20 litre containers with the old 'stick-in-the-bucket'.

  3. Dispensers. 



These are fine for mobile units or small users.

BULK CONTAINERS - 20 Litre Buckets.


  1. Inadequate control of product usage, resulting in wastage and higher costs.

  2. Unhygienic - high risk of cross infection.

  3. Contamination from trade grime e.g. Grease, chemicals, or other elements.

  4. Creates general impression that skin care and personal hygiene are unimportant.

  5. Often causes a mess, leading to unhygienic washrooms which require more effort to keep clean.


  1. Improve personal hygiene.

  2. Remove the risk of cross infection.

  3. Reduce product wastage significantly.

  4. Eliminate mess in wash bay areas.

  5. Less obvious but quite significant is that it creates the impression that management is committed to improving the personal hygiene of the staff.

In order to meet these requirements the dispenser should be:

  • Designed to encourage correct usage

  • Strong

  • Reliable

  • Of adequate capacity

  • Easy to refill

  • Simple to operate

  • Hygienic and easy to clean

  • Drip and leak-free




Please note ....these are direct quotes from REINOL hand cleaner customers. Given with permission to publish their comments. 

  • FRANK PETERS | GEDDES AUTOMOTIVE | ONEHUNGA:  "I have tried every kind of hand cleaner and I still get dermititis. My doctor told me to change jobs. I now have to use gloves all the time until I used Reinol. After a few washes my hands were fine. Now I have used the Barrier cream and my hands are nearly back to normal."

  • BOB JARDEN: "I've been in the trade for 40 years, it's the best stuff I've ever used. I'm moving down to Christ Church and taking a tub with me!"

  • CHASE | HUNTLY: "It's awesome stuff. It even removed my nicotine stains."

  • BRENT | BEAUREPAIRS AVONDALE: "Best Ever, Anytime I use anything else, my hands start cracking up."

  • CRELLIN MERCER | MERTECH ENGINEERING | HENDERSON: "I was using the stuff in the bucket once a day and still got Dermitites. Now I use REINOL often and the Dermatites is gone. We ran out and I stopped using REINOL, my Dermatites came back within 3 days. Good product - No doubt about it! We have customers come in and they can't believe how nice their hands feel afterrwards".

  • JOSHUA STODDART | FIRESTONE | BEACHHAVEN: "It's good, it's b.......... good, my hands haven't been this clean in years!"

  • JACO | VISION AUTO SERVICE | AVONDALE: It's excellent, it gets off all the grim and Grime.

  • RYAN LUSTY | DRAIN TECH: "It's the best stuff I've ever used!"

  • DANIEL RUSSELL | AUCKLAND SUBARU SPECIALISTS: "Very, very good, ......... amazing! Best hand wash I've ever used. My hands are the cleanest they've ever been!"

  • BILL | MERTECH ENGINEERING: "It's b........... magic. My skin has never been so clean. My skin is soft for an engineer and you don't use much. All the boys like it eh!"

  • BRAD PRENTICE | PRECISION AUTOS | GLENFIELD: "You can use it 10 times a day and your hands are still soft at the end of the day!"

  • JESSIE | VISION AUTO SALES: This stuff is....Ah!.. brilliant....Yeah, we've tried allsorts here and that is best by far, Very very good!

  • JD HADAD | CAB DRIVER: "Man this stuff is unbelievable!! I have never seen my hands come so clean after being so dirty". (Sniffing his hands, and rubbing his face) it's fantastic!!



All Natural

All Natural ingredients,
friendly to YOU
and the Environment


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